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Porcelain Rings


Hand made of the finest porcelain and decorated with pure gold, each ring is absolutely unique.

Please utilize this ring sizer aid I have found on the internet and now share with you. It must be printed at 100% scale or resized by slight enlargement or reduction (depending on your printer settings) so that the ruler shown measures exactly five inches. You may have to use a bit of algebra, but really, you can do it! Or, you can measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you well (in mm, please) and direct message me the measurement so I can assist you in finding your perfect ring.

That said, these rings, being ceramic, are not adjustable and a wider band may be worn a bit bigger for comfort's sake whereas a narrow band can be ordered in your normal size.

Likewise measuring and ordering for your middle finger will allow for greater flexibility as it might fit any one of 6 of your fingers :-)

Porcelain is very strong but know these rings may break if dropped on a hard surface. Don't wear while doing physical labor and take care not to wash too frequently as the gold may fade.

And finally, please utilize the filtering options for size and color to narrow down your search because clearly, I love making rings!


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