Studio Moosh

Studio Moosh offers unique, handcrafted ceramics, both to be used in the everyday and admired from afar.

About half my time is spent on wheel thrown pottery, my first love. Each piece is thrown quickly, allowed to reach leather hard stage, and then trimmed (or turned), bisque fired in an electric kiln, glazed and fired again. It is an exercise in precision, proportion, and form, all leading toward a kind of quick perfection.

The other half of my time is spend hand-building. With hand-building there is no electric wheel,  just a few simple tools and and my hands and my eyes. It is a slow and meditative process, with ample time devoted towards the tactile, the textured and the touch. These pieces tend to be quite a bit larger and exhibit what the Japanese call 'wabi-sabi' - they are perfectly imperfect. These too are bisque fired, glazed, and fired again but are absolutely unique.

If wheel-thrown ceramics was my first love, hand-built ceramics may be the one that lasts.

studio moosh

San Francisco, CA 94115

T:   609-423-5926


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