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Eared Vase / Cachepot


A cachepot (/ˈkæʃpɒt, -poʊ/, French: [kaʃpo]) is a French term for what is usually called in modern English a "planter", namely a decorative container or "overpot" for a plant and its flowerpot, for indoors use, usually with no drainage hole at the bottom, or sometimes with a matching saucer.


Coil-built by hand and glazed on the inside and outside with a combination of matte and glossy glazes.


~roughly 7 3/4" tall  x 8" in diameter.


Food and dishwasher safe.


This planter/bowl/vase has been slowly and meticulously coilbuilt and as such is 'perfectly imperfect'. Please enjoy the textural, visual and tactile qualities that come of these hand crafted vessels.







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