"you know me" set of four sake cups

"you know me" set of four sake cups


‘You know me’ from the Japanese word ‘yunomi’. “There are special pairs of yunomi called meoto yunomi (meoto means ‘married couple’). Meoto yunomi usually consist of two cups with the same pattern but different sizes and often slightly different shapes (the larger cup being the ‘husband’ and the smaller being the ‘wife’ cup)”. This set of four ‘you know me’ is for the whole family or for you and three of your friends :four unique sake cups, fun to hold and pretty to look at. Thrown 'off the hump' of a medium tan stoneware and coated with glossy celadon glazes, they are food and dishwasher safe. Each individual cup will hold between ~2 and 3 1/2oz (~50 - 100ml). Each is different and intended for a different member of your group.

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